Do I really need a degree to get into Hospitality?

hospWhether your passion is cooking, traveling, meeting new people, helping others, or is in some other way related to the Hospitality Industry, you are sure to find exactly what you are looking for within the Major of Hospitality. Hospitality covers a wide range of sub-specialties besides Food Service. While Food Service is a large part of Hospitality, Tourism, Travel, Hotel Management, and even Park Management fall under the heading of Hospitality as well. 

Anyone considering a career in the Hospitality Industry should know that it is one of the fastest growing career fields available today. Job opportunities abound in the Hospitality Industry for anyone looking to make a career out of helping and interacting with the public. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, job growth within the Hospitality Industry is projected to be around 17% between 2004 and 2014, compared to just 14% projected growth for all other industries combined. 

One of the main concerns on everyone's mind these days centers around the subject of job stability. When other career fields and sectors tend to drawn down in a bad economy, Hospitality has a strong record of proving to be more economically stable. 

While earning a degree in hospitality is not absolutely necessary to gain employment in this field, anyone looking to have a career in it, (and not just another job), would be well advised to seek a quality degree program to enhance their hiring desirability to potential employers. Taking the time and making the effort to earn your degree shows an employer that you are committed to your chosen career field. Having your degree also has the potential to open doors to further opportunities for career growth that simply are not an option if you do not have your degree. John Silva, chief economist for Wells Fargo Securities, makes it a point to stress the importance of a college degree to his clients.

Look at it from this perspective: almost anyone can learn to flip burgers and cook French Fries at their local fast food eatery. That is what on the job training is for. takes someone with highly specialized training, as in a culinary degree, to take that basic cooking knowledge and transform it into a successful career as an Executive Chief for a five star gourmet restaurant. 

Most people can apply for and get a job in a state park, doing maintenance and clean-up duties. It takes someone with a degree to know how to teach people about the value and scope of our nation's beautiful parks, to protect park visitors, and help preserve our most precious natural resources so that they will be around for a long time. 

Someone who has been schooled in the finer points of working in the Travel Industry is able to more effectively work with clients to ensure that they receive the best possible value and experience from their vacation time. 

Are you starting to see the larger picture here? The more training and education you have in a given field, like the Hospitality Industry, the more opportunities and earning potential you have. The goal of seeking desired employment should be to make an employer's decision to hire you a highly profitable for their business, by hiring the best qualified, best educated staff possible. A degree in Hospitality will give you a much needed and highly valued edge over lesser-trained applicants. Given all of the evidence that showcases the importance and value of earning an online hospitality management degree, it would a wise decision to check out available degrees in your chosen specialty field.

Ohio Teaching License: Steps and Education Needed to Meet Your Teaching Dreams

Becoming a teacher in Ohio is not difficult if you know all of the requirements. It is a matter of having the right education and training as well as passing exams and a few other steps. The process starts with the proper education and training and ends with being hired as a licensed teacher. 

Education and Training Requirements for Teaching in Ohio teaching license

The first step to becoming a teacher is to get the education and training that you need. According to the Department of Education for Ohio (, that requirement can vary, depending on the type of teaching position and the location. For most jobs, however, a minimum of a Bachelor's degree is required and a Master's degree in Education is suggested. In both cases, classes and training directly related to teaching and classroom experience is required to have been part of the education. 

Licenses and Renewals 

In addition to completing your education, you will also need to apply for and obtain a teaching license for the situation that you are applying for. Licenses range from two to five years and can be renewed as long as you remain eligible for the renewal application. Before applying for the initial license, you must first pass an exam as well as a criminal background check. Your fingerprints will also be taken at that time. Before you send in your application packet for exams, check for the amount of fees so that you can make the correct payment at that time. 

The Ohio Teacher Job Outlook for the Future 

Like other career choices, many people are concerned that there won't be any jobs for them in the coming years. According to the Ohio Jobs and Family forecast for jobs into the year 2018, the education sector, which includes teachers and teacher's aids will increase by just over twenty percent. The link to that PDF report is at 

Those jobs can net payment of just over $50,000 per year. The information compiled by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics showed that there has been a slight decrease in the expected salary for Ohio's teachers in recent years. Nationwide, the state comes in at number eighteen in teacher's pay. Remember, teachers spend a lot of their own time grading papers and doing other school related things without compensation. Many teachers also spend a great deal of their own money for classroom supplies and other needs, again, without compensation. 


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